I take myself out of reality often because actually reality fuckin sucks

I jus wanna fuck u girl damn

I am my own God

Slowly losing grip on reality.

Slow Burn

Self Portrait

Am I doing this right??¿

My life is perfectly chaotic

I have no one right now. No one to rely on for all my problems. Which can really suck when I need someone to be there. Not me begging for their help and attention. But the beautiful thing about this is that I don’t need that person. I only need myself and the more I become aware of this, the more at peace I am with myself. I’m 19 now. My friends are going on their separate paths already. I’m beginning to figure out who of these friends it’s worth keeping ties with, and which bridges just need to be burned. People are changing fast, myself included. I just hope I can maintain sanity through all this and the obstacles ahead of me. Sometimes I’ll do this, just type shit out here that’s going on in my mind and it’s already making me feel a little better. I don’t care if anyone reads this, it’s really just for me. Alright, goodnight.