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Sometimes I’d like to say every thought on my mind on this website, but the fact that people will judge literally anything that isn’t normal to them is what prevents me from doing so and I feel like a lot of people can relate to that. Why is this so though? Are we all really that judgmental and narrow minded that we can’t accept someone’s views and ideas if they aren’t according to what society has labeled as normal? Why can’t people say what they’d like without fear of persecution from their peers especially if it has to deal with serious issues. Why can’t a child saying he wants to put a gun to his head be greeted with help and encouragement rather than people viewing him as some sort of suicidal maniac instead of a human being that happens to just be going through some really tough shit in his life?

The Mailman and I.

Selling drugs through Snapchat, what a beautiful time to be alive.

Railing lines of Adderall at the library is all what being an adult is about.


Getting high after a workout will now be known as the ache and bake. I’m copywriting that shit.

I can’t make you care, but god dammit I wish I could.

But I’m not.

I should be happy.

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